Every day carry can open one’s eyes to a lot of things.

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I’ve have had the opportunity to find out a lot of things about carrying a gun. Read these facts below.

1. How clueless the average person is.

I actaully sincerely mean that. At first, you think that every single person you pass can see your firearm. After a couple of weeks, you begin to realize that people are far more immersed in their phones than your appearance.

2. A frightening situation can alter one’s views on guns very fast.

3. The value of a good belt.

A quality gun belt will hold the weight of your gun, keep it close to your body, and prevent the holster from flopping around due to belt flex. Before you go searching for the right holster, make sure you’ve got the best quality belt you can get.

4. The importance of a great holster

There are a few things that a quality holster should do

A holster will hold your gun in a fixed position. If you ever need to reach for your gun, it will be exactly where you expect. It won’t move around and you won’t have to constantly check the position of your gun.

You could possibly be put in a position where you have to get your gun quickly. By having your gun in a holster, you are keeping the trigger protected until your hands are securely on the firearm.

It ensures that your gun remains under your control. When you are shopping for a holster, look for one that will keep your pistol in place while you go about your normal daily activities.

5. Be careful when you bend over

A number of carry methods can cause printing dysfunction if you’re not careful. Most belt holsters, inside or outside the waistband, can cause the gun grip to press against the back of your shorts or cover garment if you lean forward too much. Daily carry teaches you to bend in a different way to keep this from happening.

6. The number of people who also conceal carry

You will find yourself trying to spot other carriers. A great exercise is to find those who are carrying, and determine what it was that told you they were carrying.

7. Guns are heavy.

A loaded gun with some extra amo really adds up in weight.

8. Heroism is overrated.

Even after justifiable self-defense shootings, ambitious prosecutors or family members of the perpetrator can take your life savings-and freedom-in the post-event courtroom.

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9. It’s hard to beat a traditional belt holster.

No matter what kind of holster you prefer, a belt carry is the most secure. Is it a pain to conceal? Yes. Is it comfortable? Not necessarily. Although there are some downsides to carrying like this, you will be very happy you did should you ever find yourself in a sticky situation.

10. You don’t know anything.

The longer you carry, the more you learn. The more you learn, the more you realize how much you don’t know. Owning a gun won’t necessarily protect you from crime. Going to the range to practice doesn’t necessarily mean you will prevail in a fight. Always be open to learning because carrying a gun is life or death.