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In January, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) published a proposal that targets the collection of pay data in annual reports submitted to it by employers in an effort to create a database of wage information that might be used to identify opportunities for achieving equal pay. If approved, the new rule would go into effect in September 2017.

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Texas employment attorney

The EEOC enforces the federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination, including pay discrimination. Over a span of several decades, different establishments have sent in the employee data they have such as race, ethnicity, and job title. Annually, this info is sent in by the employers on a form called the EEO-1.It was suggested that the form also have wage data from all private employers, as well as federal contractors, with over one hundred workers.

The fact that there is so little information regarding pay of employees, pay inequality isn’t noted very often. Employers often ignore or retaliate against employees who might suspect discriminatory pay practices and seek information about wages. By recording the data from numerous different lines of work, the Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and the EEOC can help get rid of the discrimination.

This system could, potentially, elimate discrimination by other employers when they see what their pay practices look like.

The information is not publicly available. Instead, the EEOC would publish only aggregate pay data submitted by employers. By having this information posted, employers can compare their payrates, and ensure that the employees are all being paid fairly.

The EEOC hopes that its proposed EEO-1 form would further spur employers to self-examine their pay practices and remedy any deficiencies or unfair practices. Having pay equality for all will make the customers and those investing happy.

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