Is doggy daycare on your mind? If you aren’t sure how to pick the best daycare for your dog, here are some guidlines that you can follow:

Initial Feelings

You should not see a super messy and unorganized office when you walk in. The office space, along with the actual play and sleep area for the dogs should be well kept and airy. The yard designated for puppy play should have fresh water and provide some shade. There also should be little to no amount of waste in the yard. Can you check out the center? This is something that can be looked at a couple different ways. When cleaniness and safety are very important, you definitely want to check out every part of the doggy daycare. Tours may be allowed only at certain times. Some facilities only allow tours by appointment either before or after daycare hours to keep the stress level down for the dogs. Consider the excitement brought onto your pup by an unexpected visitor; a doggy daycare may be full of over 12 dogs, it important to respect the dogs’ needs. So that there is no problems at the center, contact management before going in for a tour.

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Stimulation and Calm Time

Pups need time to take it easy when they have had a lot of play time. Does the center you are looking at have enough rest space? Is rest time scheduled? Your dog needs to rest even if they’re having loads of fun because, just like a cranky little tot, they need time to calm down after a long day of play.


The workers in the doggy care should love dogs and care about yours as if they were their own. Check out the interactions between the staff and the dogs present. Is your dog happy to see the staff upon his return to the daycare?The dogs are most likely getting the attention needed if they are happy when the staff member comes back. It is important to have an attentive staff so that minor disagreements between friends don’t turn into major arguments, with the potential to cause injury or stress. Recongnizing stressful situations or an over tired dog is one of the top priorities for a good doggy daycare worker.

Are you happy with the number of staff members the facility has per dog?


The variations for creating doggy play groups are endless. If you are not satisfied with the way the playgroups are handled, ask if they would be willing to make changes to their policy.


It is very common for these establishments to have a vetting process. A normal screening would include vet records and a word on the dog’s temperment. It is something you should expect when signing your dog up because it can give you a piece of mind knowing that your pup will be safe around other dogs who have been screened.