roofing 2When replacing a roof, homeowners must be in the right frame of mind. There are three constants in any selection process when considering a roofing contractor.

Quality Work – This is very important.

Quickness – How soon will the roof be finished?

PRICE ? the amount a homeowner will pay for the services

Unfortunately, most people expect to only get two of the three above. Most roofing contractors aren’t going to be able to deliver all three. While everyone would like to get all three of these elements with every project, they are difficult to deliver in the field. If a roofing contractor says they can deliver all three on YOUR project, proceed with caution.

Why, you ask? Just consider the following questions ?

While quality work finished fast is possible, no one can do it at the lowest price. All you need is a little common sense to see this is true.

At the same time, if you’re promised quick installation at a super low price, are you sure you’ll get quality work? That’s the question you need to ask yourself. What would you do in that case? If you’re getting it done fast and cheap, can you really expect the roof to last for more than a few years?

If you’re getting a low price and high quality work, can you really expect it to be done quickly too? The answer to that is simple – the people who deliver high quality work at a low price are always in demand.

It’s a good idea not to expect all three to be delivered to you. Even having two of the three can get your roof fixed.

Selecting Roofing Contractors ? Ask The right Questions

roofing 3Who should you choose? That’s a tough question to answer. Whether your renovation is a success or not depends on your answer.

You should take the time to talk to any contractor you’re thinking about having fix your roof. The people you choose may be in or around your home even when you’re not around. Trust is a major issue and it is important to follow-up on references and credentials. The only way to make the right choice is to do your due diligence.

The following questions will help you identify the qualifications and reputation of various companies and help you find the right professionals for your project.

How long has the contractor been in business? Longer is generally better.

Who will be the project supervisor? Are you talking to a salesperson or a project manager?

When can you expect work to get started? You’ll want to try to get as firm of a date as possible.

How will the contractor approach the renovation? Is the renovation unique in any way?

Is the contractor licensed? Will he use normal employees or subcontractors?

Is the contractor a full service or specialty firm? Can the roofing contractors you are talking to handle all aspects of your project.

Is the roofing contractor properly insured with liability insurance? Do not be shy to ask – in many states, if the contractor does not have this type of insurance and a worker is injured in your home, you will be liable for medical bills and related costs.

Is the crew all certified to get the work done? If the work crew is all certified, it’s a good sign they’re going to do a good job.

Ask for a list of references for completed projects similar to yours? Absolutely. Also try to find out whether they have a lot of referral business.

How many projects like mine have you completed recently (past 6 months to a year)? Not a lot? Keep looking.

Who will handle the issue of permits? Most areas require proper building permits for any project.

Can I contact your suppliers? Does the contractor owe anyone money? This is a key piece of information to have from a potential contractor.

Another guide in determining the quality of your roof installation is the effectiveness of our HVAC unit. Be sure to have your unit serviced regularly to ensure it is working properly.

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