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Although there may still be a slight dent, conventional repairing of dents starts by streching the car’s surface from the damaged paint area to the intact area.

It is common for people to think the two methods of dent repair are the same.

Really, though, when your car has dents, you don’t care how they get fixed; you just want them fixed. If someone is able to get the job done at a lower price, of course someone would want that.

For the people who can use the paintless repair option, it seems pretty easy to get rid of the dents. The paintless system is not for everyone. Look below to see what dents qualify for this more simple technique.

First: There can be no scratches or chips in the dent’s paint. A broken finish in the paint can allow for rust in the future.

2-None of the metal can be stretched out. Nothing will fall back into place if the metal is stretched, which will leave your car with a big ole’ bump.

How Much Dough are we Talking to Use the Conventional Method?

Dent Repair

It takes a lot of time and experience for someone to get the dents out using the conventioanl method. Some of the most important steps include –

The dent needs to be filled in

The paint must match

Having dents repaired like this takes days

A finish needs to be applied to make it smooth

The conventional method is much more expensive. That is why the repair costs are dependent upon how much and what kind of damage your car has seen.

Avoiding Conventional Dent Repair Expense

Paintless Dent Repair works very well when the conditions allow it to be used. Most importantly, it maintains the vehicle’s original finish. The process requires a technician to:

Certain tools need to be used to reshape the metal and some panel need to be moved around so the dent can be accessed from behind

Technicians will have the necessary tools needed to re-mold the metal

The technicians will also reach the dent from behind some panels

Some panels will likely be shifted in order the the repair person to get to the dent from different angles, and the metal will be sculpted using some special tools

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