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When your paint has been damaged in addition to a dent, the conventional repair method is to pull to damaged part of the car as far over to the non-damaged part.

It is common for people to think the two methods of dent repair are the same.

Really, though, when your car has dents, you don’t care how they get fixed; you just want them fixed. If someone is able to get the job done at a lower price, of course someone would want that.

For the people who can use the paintless repair option, it seems pretty easy to get rid of the dents. However, for this option to be used, there are a couple of factors determining whether paintless dent repair is even an option.

First: There can be no scratches or chips in the dent’s paint. A broken finish in the paint can allow for rust in the future.

Second – the metal cannot be stretched. Nothing will fall back into place if the metal is stretched, which will leave your car with a big ole’ bump.

The Price You Pay for Conventional Repairs

Middleton WI

It takes a lot of time and experience for someone to get the dents out using the conventioanl method. Some of the most important steps include –

The damaged area should be prepped

Paint needs to be chosen that will match the original color

Everything has to have plenty of time to dry

Compared to paintless dent repair, you may be spending over 8 times as much as you would have the other way. That is why the repair costs are dependent upon how much and what kind of damage your car has seen.

Avoiding Conventional Dent Repair Expense

Your car may be a candidate for the paintless (less expensive) method if certain requirements are met. The finish must be exactly the same as it was prior to the damage. The process requires a technician to:

Remove surrounding panels allowing access to the back of a dent

Use specialized tools to sculpt metal into its original form from behind

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