Madison Wisconsin Springs give people with patio pavers something to look forward to. Wisconsinites want to start enjoying warmer temperatures as soon as they possibly can and patio pavers can pave the way to an awesome start to summer.

Before warm weather hits, our customers tend to utilize the colder months to plan out all of the activities that can be done in the warm weather. By doing this, our clients don’t have to wait as long to have their projects completed. It can take up to three months to complete a patio with the amount of people we have waiting.

There are Several Reasons to Install Your Pavers in the Fall

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You can transform your outdoor space by adding pavers in the Fall.

When you do install a patio using brick and stone patio pavers in the fall, the other landscaping around the patio usually benefits. Shrubs and small trees succeed when planted in the Fall. Plants become stronger at the base when the temperature drops.

Christmas Can Be Here Now When You Install New Patio Pavers

We’ve had customers complete their patios in fall and still use them for cookouts, enjoy their fire pits and grills and have tailgate parties as well as Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations.

It’s a good idea to go ahead and start your patio so it will deffinitely be done before it warms up. Proscapes LLC has always had more flexibility in autumn. There have also been times we have been able to offer incentives for our customers to help them enjoy their patio even more.

Try Out These Patio Ideas

Hot Tub Deck

Fireplace or Kitchen

Accents on Driveways

Choose a Good Paver Contractor

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Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to din the best person to install your pavers correctly. It’s hard to picture how your patio will look once it’s finished. Contractor aren’t always as up front as they should be. This list of things is good to follow in order to find the best paving contractor.

There should be a lenghthy waranty of 3 years or so on the paving projects. The warranty says that the foundation of good for laying down pavers. If the warranty isn’t that long, it is possible that they skimped on that step.

How Base gravel Is Used – not enough gravel will allow settling and shifting of the patio pavers in a relatively short time frame.

The base should be evenly pressed down as to not allow an uneven patio. And, in wet areas, washouts can occur.

Drainage – improper drainage allows settling and most likely causes patio pavers to become uneven relatively quickly, with the problem growing much larger over time.

Our landscaping expertise will help you get more enjoyment from your home and yard. We offer service in Middleton, Oregon, and all of Dane County.