Sump Pump

Spending your hard earned dollars on maintaining you sump pump may not be ideal, but it does ensure that you wan’t have to face water damage because of it…that can easily cost a lot more.

Water may seem harmless when you drink it, but if a leak occurs, much more harm than good will be done. Your walls, floors, furniture, and more would be facing damage if your pump ever gave out. On the flip side, you may not even realize there’s any water damage until way later. You don’t want to find any mildew or mold growing because you didn’t find the water damage.

Why Sump Pumps Need Maintenance

You shouldn’t really need to do much to your sump pump since they are pretty low maintence. If you didn’t have any issues with your pump last time you needed it, it isn’t likely that you’ll have problems now; but keep an eye out for a few things to make sure.

Dry motors can seize – pumps are made to be used. Sitting through a “dry” winter, where there are no thaws, sump pump components become dry and stiff.

Gummy components can stick – portions of sump pumps do sit under water even during periods of non-use. When idle, parts get gummy as particles in the water settle. It is tougher on the motor and increases the chances of it seizing when started after a long period.

Sump Pump Failure Is Bad News In Waukesha WI

Having a pump that won’t start is never a good thing. Even though sometimes pumps may fail, there are some things you can do to give it protection.

Sump Pump Maintenance Options

These tips are great to use about four times a year.

Let a vinegar mixture sit and run through your pump. The homeowner can use the vinegar solution to get rid of the residue in the pump.

It is important to keep the float switch free from restrictions so that the pump won’t start on its own.

Clean vents and air holes will assist in keeping your pump running as it should.

It is pretty simple to keep your house protected from flood when you take care of your sump pump. Just add this into the routine you normally have for maintaining your household, and you shou;dn’t have any big problems.

If you’re interested in more info on these pumps, don’t hesitate to call Schoenwalder Plumbing.

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