Every day carry can open one’s eyes to a lot of things.

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Thinking about what I’ve experienced in the past, I realize that I’ve learned a lot.. Read these facts below.

The typical person really doesn’t have a clue.

I don’t mean this in an offensive way at all, I mean it quite literally. When you first start carrying, you manage to convince yourself that every person you see in public will spot your gun. It becomes apparent after some time, that people are pretty bad at paying attention to anything other tan technology.

2. A frightening situation can alter one’s views on guns very fast.

3. Why you can’t settle for just any belt.

A quality gun belt will hold the weight of your gun, keep it close to your body, and prevent the holster from flopping around due to belt flex. A good belt is key to having your holster fit properly.

4. The importance of a great holster

There are a few things that a quality holster should do

A good quality holster will keep your gun positioned correctly. The value of having your gun in a secure position is that you will know exactly where it is when you need to grab it.

A holster will protect the gun’s trigger, which is what you need if you are ever in a high stress situation. In order to protect the trigger, the holster will offer you safety while you get a good handle on your pistol.

Your firearm is protected because you are in charge If you’re going to spend money on a holster, find one that will keep your pistol in position when you are doing things such as getting in or out of your car, doing yardwork, or anything like that.

5. Be careful when you bend over

You can run into a “printing” situation if you aren’t mindful of what you’re doing. Printing can easily happen if the gun grip is pressed against your clothing while you bend over. If you carry a gun daily, you quickly learn how to reach low things by bending your knees and keeping your back straight.

6. How many other people carry concealed.

Once you start carrying, you tend to look for other people who are also carrying. Whatever tips you off that someone is carrying a firearm, DON’T do what they’re doing.

7. Guns are heavy.

Actually, even light guns get heavy. When you carry a loaded gun and a couple of spare magazines, you’re talking about serious pocket change!

8. Heroism is overrated.

Prosecutors and the perps’ family members will try to take your money and freedom even if the shooting is completely justifiable.

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9. It’s hard to beat a traditional belt holster.

It doesn’t really matter if you like OWB or IWD holsters. The most secure and accesible way to carry is on the belt. Is it a pain to conceal? Yes. Is it comfortable? Not necessarily. Although there are some downsides to carrying like this, you will be very happy you did should you ever find yourself in a sticky situation.

10. You don’t know anything.

You learn so much the longer you carry. Just because you own a gun doesn’t mean that you’ll never be ambushed. Always be open to learning because carrying a gun is life or death.