Using self-storage for holiday decorations protects them and makes more room.

Self-storage is a great way to keep your holiday decorations fresh and like new each and every year.

As you take down your lights and other holiday decorations this year, plan on using self-storage. Your decorations can be stored correctly in a storage area that has enough shelves and ample space. By puttng your holiday decorations in a storage facility, you are lengthening their total life.

Your holiday decorations are at risk for breaking if they are stored at your home. We feature many different types of self storage at A Storage in Sun Prairie, Madison, and DeForest. A Storage offers an affordable solution for decluttering and creating more space in your home. If you’re looking to save money, self storage is the more prudent choice over a storage addition to your home.



If your belongings aren’t stored correctly, they can be ruined.

Keeping Your Belongings Organized

Self-storage with added shelving allows you to make every square inch of your storage unit useful. There are certain tasks that you must accomplish when it’s time to store your items:

After you label all of your decorations, organize them from least useful to most useful. The items you use most should be placed up front; and always keep the breakable decor on top.

It’s important to keep your area clean and neat. Your holiday decorations are less likely to break if the boxes aren’t moved around as much. If you have a unit on the smaller side, keep boxes lined up against the wall to create a walkway.

Storage Units for Your Decorations

Madison WI

In addition to holiday decorations, your old electronics, clothes and other items can be stored until you can sell or donate them.

If you’re in Sun Prairie or surrounding areas, check out A Storage for all of your decorations. You will have extra space in closets, your attic and your garage.

We have many different storage options at A Storage. Waunakee, Middleton, Oregon, McFarland, and other surrounding areas are some of the places we serve in Wisconsin.