Making small adjustments to your kitchen can drastically impact the look of your entire home.

The options available to you include complete kitchen renovations including new cabinets, floors and windows and more. If, however, you are trying to keep costs down, something as simple as changing the countertops or switching out the sink can really do the trick.

Our changing economy has really impacted the way people look at renovations. When the economic downswing came, high impact changes were limited to affordable granite countertops and backsplashes. When people decide to start a renovation now, they tend to include bigger projects such as adding islands and cabinets. We can use granite for any counter job, big or small, here in Madison WI. There are numerous color options when you choose to use granite in your renovation. And granite countertops are more affordable than ever.

Kitchen Renovations

Class up your kitchen with natural stone or granite.

Renovations will pop when you use granite. With many deciding to stay in their homes longer, it’s no stretch to say you can enjoy that new granite for a while. In fact, many homeowners we talk to are staying in their homes and making long term changes adding universal design.

By renovating their existing home, homeowners are taking advantage of their great neighbors and the convenient locations. The best kitchen design team is at Creative Kitchen Renovations.

Kitchen Renovations With Little Hassle

We typically work with a moderate budget when completing our kitchen renovations. Replacing certain items such as the ones below is typically a top priority for most families.

Replacements countertops like granite

Cabinetry refacing

Granite and tile back splashes for unique looks and durability

Our pros can update your kitchen, and give you a style that will last forever. Big or small, we will give you the design that you’ve been dreaming of.

Special Kitchen Renovations are what we do.


Beyond the practical side of granite or natural stone additions, our remodeling pros can start with one of a kind kitchen renovations, but can create a distinctive flair in any room in your home. We are happy to help you if you are located in Madison WI, McFarland, Fitchburg, Sun Prairie, and many more.

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