Basement Remodeling

A very common remodel is turning a basement into an office.

Basements give families an opportunity to enlarge their total amount of living space. Homes with an extra living space are often worth more.

Steps To A Basement Remodel

Really focus on what you intend on doing to your basement. Remodels look different for everyone.

Basement Remodeling Is A Transformation

First, you must find any underlying issues. Is there evidence of a water problem? Is it a recurring condition? If you answered yes, have someone who specializes in these problems come take a look.

The Initial Steps of Your Basement Remodel

Basement Remodeling

Every Madison WI home has unique characteristics that can influence the final basement remodeling plan. Here are a few to consider:

Older homes tend to have a less sturdy foundation. If there are water issues, tiling and other preparation may be required and should be completed before any work begins in the basement. Many older homes have low ceilings that don’t allow for modern ceiling treatments or some types of lighting. A remodel can be complicated by lower duct work because of low ceilings. Consider what walls, if any, can be changed, moved or removed to contribute to the new look

You will likely come up with several more details to be reviewed. You should write down any specific request you have and give them to your contractor.

Sims Exteriors and Remodeling

This is Where Your Remodel Gets Exciting

Now you get to decide the style of your remodel. All of your choices will determine your final price and the look of your basement. You should keep all of the above points in mind. Below are all things to keep in mind:

Ceiling – do you want a dropped, drywall or open one? Does the existing construction restrict what you can do?

What floor type would you like? Have you researched the new types?

What considerations do you have to have regarding your walls?

What kind of lights do you want?Have you explored the lighting options?

Is it necessary to add or move electrical outlets?

These are the last details that should be considered.

If a bedroom is being put in the basement, there must be an egress window that meets all legal criteria.

Insulation that blocks out loud noise.

Fireplace, wet bar or small kitchen, home theater

Something as small as an egress window can change the functionality of a basement. Bedrooms, family living areas, and bathrooms can be in the basement with an egress window which increases the functional space of a home.

Use a Professional for your Remodel

Madison WI

Increasing usable space in your Madison home is as easy as remodeling your basement. We, at Sims Exteriors and Remodeling, can assist you in any way you’d like.

Call (608) 825-4500 or email us and tap into our expertise as you plan for this important decision and move forward on a rewarding basement remodeling project in Madison WI.